Top Reasons to Consider Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is an excellent alternative to more traditional repair options, especially if you only have a few minor dents on your vehicle. But with today’s technology, PDR can help even if your problems aren’t so few or minor. The process involves applying easy pressure from the back of the vehicle’s body panel without damaging the original paint job. It can also be done from the outside with the right tools.
Read on for a few good reasons to consider using this process to remove dents and dings on your vehicle.
Lower Cost
Saving money is on the top of everybody’s list today, and one good reason that many people choose paintless dent repair is the cost. It is affordable – generally as little as 1/3 the cost of traditional dent repairs.
Exceptional Quality
Many times, dents and dings on the body of your car don’t damage the vehicle’s paint. Traditional dent repair methods require filling the indentation with putty or other malleable products, then sanding, priming and repainting the area after the filler has dried. Paintless dent repair fixes the dents and dings without fillers and without affecting the paint job, essentially popping the dent out from behind. PDR quality is so high that you’ll never even know there was a dent in the first place.
Quick Repairs
Conventional dent repair jobs can take a week or even two for completion, but PDR is fast! Sometimes, depending on the location of the dent, your vehicle can be repaired in as little as an hour. This means that you won’t have to find alternate transportation options or use a loaner to get around. You can be back behind the wheel of your vehicle before the day is out.
When PDR Is not an Option
Before deciding on PDR or the more traditional approach, take your vehicle to a local body shop or dent repair professional for an estimate. They can quickly evaluate the problem and tell you if PDR will work for you. If your paint job has chips or scratches, you will likely have to take a more traditional route. Other factors that the body shop will consider include the depth of the dents and their location on the body of your vehicle.
Before investing in a costly repair job, talk to a bodywork professional like Dent Master in Salt Lake City. Locally owned and operated, Dent Master has been providing exceptional quality and value for more than 20 years. Contact them today to learn more about paintless dent repair.

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