Frame Repair and Replacement

When a vehicle sustains structural damage, whether from a crash or other type of accident, the frame may need to be repaired. However, straightening a frame is often challenging and can even be dangerous. This isn’t something you should undertake yourself—rely on a professional auto body shop filled with skilled experts that have the necessary tools to handle this tough job.

If possible, straightening the frame is your best bet for total restoration. When done properly, it makes the vehicle as good (and strong) as new. However, this requires bending metal into perfect alignment and spot-on accuracy. Computerized tools are used for this purpose at Dent Master, along with ultrasound technology that determines how severe the damage is.

Welding Options

There are some instances where straightening isn’t possible, but welding is. This involves removing the bent parts of the frame and welding replacement pieces in. However, this is always a backup plan, as welding can impact the overall integrity of the car leaving you with lackluster support if it’s not done correctly. Depending on an collision repair shop with strong experience is key.

Don’t do this yourself even if you’re a skilled welder. Working on a car’s frame is different than any other type of welding project.
Making the Right Choice

If a qualified auto body professional tells you that repairs aren’t possible, it might be best to scrap the vehicle. Bent frames are sometimes irreversible and they might never drive the same (or safely) again. This is considered a “total loss” and your insurance company should provide you with compensation for the loss.