Bumper Repair

If only cars and trucks were made like bumper cars at carnivals—complete with a rubber ring to protect the integrity of the vehicle from fender benders, scratches, dents and dings. That’s not the case, and it’s a good thing, because that would mean a slew of ugly rides on the road. However, when your vehicle’s bumper has been compromised, it can be notoriously difficult and expensive to repair.

Salt Lake City residents have a secret auto body shop in their corner: Dent Master. Whether the bumper has been completely detached in a hit and run or “just” scratched up to be an eyesore, expert technicians use the latest auto reconditioning techniques to make your vehicle look like new right down to the matching paint.

Caring for All Bumpers

Many of today’s models feature plastic bumpers, which can often be repaired in just a few hours. There’s a big cost difference in repair vs. replace—and of course the bumper is replaced when it’s necessary to keep you safe. However, the most skilled experts can often repair even severely damaged bumpers, fully restoring their integrity and returning the vehicle to a flawless state.

Repairing a bumper saves you an average of 40 percent. No matter the bumper’s material, model of vehicle or age, getting it into qualified hands can save you plenty of headaches and cash. Many times, the cost will be lower than your deductible, sidestepping the necessity of filing a claim. However, when a claim is in your favor, our experts are experienced in working with every insurance company to streamline the process.