Auto Detailing

Dent Master is a full service detail shop. We specialized in interior and exterior detailing that goes above and beyond our normal detail shop services.


Exterior Detailing- We can wet sand, buff and touch up your vehicle and surprise you at what can be done to renew the appearance of your paint without a complete repaint job at a fraction of the cost it would be to do a complete repaint. Many times we are asked for an estimate to repaint a vehicle because a customer just wants their vehicle to look better and does not realize that a complete repaint of a vehicle can cost over $4,000 to be done correctly. By wet sanding and buffing we can remove many of the surface scratches in the paint and touch up chips and other scratches at usually less than 10% of what a repaint would cost.


Interior Detailing- We provided complete interior detail services including shampooing carpets, upholstery, cleaning leather and all other interior services. Interior detail services range from an average of $95.00-$175.00.