Collision Repair: Which Car Parts Are Damaged Most?

Collision Repair

Even great collision repair can’t entirely restore your car’s value.
It’s understandable. If you were choosing between two cars that were identical in every way, except one had been in a collision and then expertly repaired, which would you choose? Everyone wants the damage-free car, because you don’t want to worry about the car’s safety (and besides, just like with a knockoff designer purse, you’ll know, even if nobody else does).
However, buying a car that’s been in a minor collision can save you big bucks.
Depending on several factors, including speed at the time of the collision, you can expect different “average damages.” With front-end collisions, the most likely damaged area is the front bumper at 28 percent. This figure is according to Honda crash statistics, which analyze nearly 20,000 accidents per year. At No. 2 are the headlights at 21 percent, and 20 percent of these crashes damage the grill as well.
The hood sustains damage 10 percent of the time, and the A/C and/or heater is damaged about 6 percent of the time. The cooling system comes in last at 5 percent.
Center Yourself
A collision that impacts the central part of a car, such as with a T-bone, damages the fender the most at 21 percent. The silver award goes to the rear door at 7 percent, followed by the front door at 4 percent. Air bags get 3 percent of average damages, and in last place is the roof at 2 percent (common when a much larger or taller vehicle collides with a smaller one).
At the rear, you’ll find (no surprise here) the No. 1 damaged area is the rear bumper at 20 percent. The wheels also take a lot of abuse, with 15 percent damage. Taillights come in at 9 percent, and on their heels is the trunk lid at 5 percent. Rounding out the list is exhaust, at 2 percent.
Repair or Replace?
Laws state that the car owner gets to choose his or her collision shop. If you’re not happy with an estimate from the insurance-provided collision repair pros, get a second opinion. Maybe you think the car is totaled, but a shop said it was fixable. Depending on the damage and your insurance coverage, you might be putting your safety at risk as well as losing your ROI when it comes time to sell your vehicle if you go with an unreliable opinion.
Using a trustworthy and high-quality collision repair shop is absolutely critical for peace of mind, and to address a diminished value case. Many small fender benders cause damage that can be repaired, but sometimes seemingly minor collisions cause much more damage than seems apparent.
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