Choosing Your Auto Paint

Not all auto painting is created equally, and that goes for how the pros do it, too. Never try to paint a car yourself, and always shop around if you need auto painting, whether it’s a touch-up job or you want an entirely new color for your ride.

Choosing Car Paint

A professional paint job lasts longer, is more durable and of course looks much better than what you can achieve on your own. You’ll find a variety of price points at the professional level, and ultimately getting the best results often comes down to what you’re willing to spend.


Professionals use certain economy paints; however, in the world of auto painting you really do get what you pay for. Professionals know which paint brands last longer, and that goes for the economy lines, too.


A more affordable brand can still cover well, and can be a solid base for glosses and clear coats. You should expect these to last a few years, but they won’t hold up as well as higher-quality paints.


Paint Shopping


Be honest with your body shop about your budget, and they’ll do their best to work with it. Ask about the paint brands they use, and avoid paints made in China. They don’t hold up and are notorious for peeling and chipping in just a few months.


Stick with brands that are well-known in the industry, such as Sherwin-Williams. You’ll soon learn the names of the best brands like Trinity 1945, an economical choice that’s still a decent quality. Diamont, PPG and Duramix are also good brands.


You’ll be spending between $40 and $80 per gallon for economical paints. The total cost of your car’s paint job depends on many circumstances, but the average range is $2,000-$5,000.


An easy way to tell a high-quality paint from an economical one is how the paint is sold. Economical paints are sold by the gallon, while high-quality paints are sold by the pint or quart (often to the tune of $30-$100 per quart).


Making Your Car Pop


Keep in mind that these price ranges are only for standard colors. If you want a custom paint job, only very high-end paints should be used. You’ll likely be going with Auto Air Colors, House of Kolor, SEM Color Horizons or another brand known for customization.


In some cases, these paints cost up to $600 per quart, so you can imagine what the final price will be. Your auto body shop is charging you based on the cost of the paint as well as labor, so knowing the basic price points of paint can help you gauge the cost of your project.


The body shop also has the tools, experience and skills necessary to give you a flawless paint job. Call DentMaster today to discuss your auto painting project with local professionals.