Staged Car Crashes and Insurance Scams

Insurance scams are a significant problem today, with con men and women staging car crashes, towing scams and fake injuries. Honest drivers often get caught in these well-planned scenarios, not realizing that they are the victim of crafty criminals. The potential results include inflated insurance premium costs, serious injuries and hours of frustration and fear. Below are some of the most common scams and ways to avoid them on the road.   Common Auto Accident Scams   In each of these orchestrated accidents, the criminals stage collisions that place you at fault. You may have heard of the swoop and squat, arguably the most common of these devious plots. In this scenario, also called the swoop and stop, one car will suddenly cut you off and slam on the breaks. Simultaneous

Negotiating Your Car Accident Damage Settlement

If you've been in a car accident, damage to your vehicle may be significant. Assuming that you or the other driver has auto insurance coverage, you likely will work within the insurance company’s claims process to complete the repairs. Typically the insurer assigns an adjuster to your claim, and it is the adjuster’s responsibility to determine the extent of the damage as well as how much it will cost to restore your vehicle to an acceptable and safe condition. How the Claims Negotiation Process Begins Once the insurance company receives notice of your claim, they will assign an insurance adjuster. The adjuster will go out to inspect your vehicle, wherever it may be, and attempt to determine what’s required to repair it. You can get a jump on the repair process by having you

Removing Bugs, Tar and Road Grime from Your Car

Removing bugs, tar and road grime from your car is a challenge. These substances can cause safety issues and permanent damage to your car, but they are impossible to avoid. Acting quickly remove them is the key to success, but using the right products will also greatly improve your chances. If the problem is extreme, has been left to bake on in the sun or if you simply want the benefit of expert attention, professional detailing is both affordable and highly effective for restoring your car’s finish.   How Bugs, Sap and Tar can Damage Your Vehicle   Face it, bugs stuck all over your hood and smeared across your windshield look awful. Your visibility is affected, but your windshield wipers just spread the problem around. Stuck to your headlights, insects and road grime c

How Crumple Zones Work

Crumple zones are one of the most important car safety developments in history. Auto manufacturers have worked hard over the past several decades to reduce the number and severity of car accident injuries, and crumple zones (also known as crush zones) are a large part of their success. Most newer cars are designed to react in a safety-specific manner in case of a collision. Here are some interesting facts about these important automotive safety features.   What is a Crumple Zone?   Approximately 65 percent of auto collisions involve a direct impact to the front section of the vehicle. In the 1950s, European racecar designers began searching for a way to keep their drivers safer. Their engineering designs formed the basis for modern crush-resistant technology. A front-end

How to Avoid Door Dings

Most drivers endeavor to avoid door dings and other parking-lot mishaps, yet despite their best efforts, it can still happen sometimes. Door dings occur for several reasons, some of which are purely accidental — and others that are less so. By changing your parking strategy, you can increase the odds of avoiding these. If, despite your best efforts, you do end up with a door ding or other parking-lot-related dent, scrape or paint scratch, it’s best to seek professional assistance for repairs. Why Door Dings Happen In most cases, according to AAA, parking lot dings and scratches are purely accidental, the fault of people being in a hurry or simply not noticing other cars. In some unfortunate instances, however, people intentionally inflict damage on other people’s cars. This