Collision Repair and Diminished Values

When you’re looking for a collision repair shop, you’re often frantic and worried, so it’s tempting to go with the first body shop you find.   In some cases, an insurance company (maybe even the company of the person who hit your car!) pushes you to choose a specific shop. However, it’s your right to choose the collision repair team you want, and in most cases the shop an insurance company recommends will not have your best interests at heart.   Many people don’t understand the nuances of diminished value claims (DVCs) until it’s too late, but it’s an important part of collision repair.   When a vehicle is in an accident, its value is diminished. Even if your vehicle is flawlessly repaired — as it should be — it’s going to have diminished value

Auto Body Shop Detailing Perks

Did you know your local auto body shop offers some of the most comprehensive, fastest and quality detailing in the city?   Auto detailing, both exterior and interior, offers many perks beyond feeling like you’re a VIP in your ride. For instance, many times when customers think their old muscle car is in need of a new paint job, what they really need is a full exterior detailing.   Wet sanding, buffing and touching up a car’s exterior can lead to incredible results and even make some vehicles look brand new. These tactics can often remove many surface scratches, and touching up more serious scratches with expert paint matching gives you the look of a repaint without making a big dent in your wallet. Such details cost a sliver of what a paint job costs, too.   Qu

Auto Body Shop Fixes Hazy Headlights

One of the most common complaints auto body shops get involves hazy, foggy and yellow headlights. Why does this happen and how can it be prevented?   The brutal truth is that yellow, foggy and dirty headlights simply happen, and you can thank time and the environment for it. Headlights constantly encounter dirt, pollution and more.   Today’s headlights are made of plastic, not glass like the classics, and these are great for protecting porous surfaces, but not so great when it comes to preventing yellow haze.   The clear coating on modern headlights is going to fade eventually. Summertime is especially damaging, thanks to UV rays and the constant heat. Clear coats on headlights also can be damaged from a variety of cleaning products, which can cause oxidation and

Auto Body Shop Most Common Repairs

Technicians at auto body shops have seen it all and repaired it all. Still, some repairs are more common than others and can vary based on your region.   A rear-end collision is one of the most common types of accidents, often brought on by frazzled drivers who aren’t paying close enough attention. These types of accidents are especially common in rainy or snowy regions where slippery roads are a factor and drivers can misjudge how much time they have to stop.   These repairs are often covered by insurance, so getting vehicles back in tip-top shape is both critical and affordable.   Unsurprisingly, another common repair is a front-end collision. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and most of the time you can’t have a rear-end collision without a f

Collision Repair: Which Car Parts Are Damaged Most?

Even great collision repair can’t entirely restore your car’s value.   It’s understandable. If you were choosing between two cars that were identical in every way, except one had been in a collision and then expertly repaired, which would you choose? Everyone wants the damage-free car, because you don’t want to worry about the car’s safety (and besides, just like with a knockoff designer purse, you’ll know, even if nobody else does).   However, buying a car that’s been in a minor collision can save you big bucks.   Depending on several factors, including speed at the time of the collision, you can expect different “average damages.” With front-end collisions, the most likely damaged area is the front bumper at 28 percent. This figure is according