Auto Painting: Was Yours Done Right?

Auto Painting

You just splurged on auto painting for your vehicle (or maybe your insurance covered it after a fender bender). At first glance, it hopefully looks like a job well done. Look a little closer.
With effort, you can spot telltale signs of whether your auto body shop did a quality job or a subpar one. A lot can go wrong with auto painting. Factors that matter are the equipment and paint used, the painter’s skill and whether the job was rushed or not.
One of the biggest signs — which actually has nothing to do with the paint job itself ― is whether the car was clean when you picked it up. The level of cleanliness shows you how committed the shop is to customer satisfaction and how detail-oriented they are.
Plus, it’s no easy task to keep a car clean in an auto shop! If it looked like it needed a wash when you drove it away, there’s a good chance the paint job isn’t up to snuff.
Details Matter
Paint matching is, by far, one of the biggest challenges any auto body shop can face. If you’re not having the entire car painted, the odds of perfectly matching paint colors are slim to none. However, your body shop should have been able to achieve a color match close enough that it takes a close, eagle eye to notice any difference.
The majority of factory paint jobs have an “orange peel” finish in varying degrees, similar to the most common drywall finishes in homes. It’s standard for factories, but tough for shops to replicate.
If you want to see if the colors match, schedule your pickup during daylight hours and on a sunny day. Look at the car from many angles to make sure the color of the paint as well as the finish are solid.
A Closer Inspection
Look closely at the paint for any imperfections, runs, hairs or dirt/dust that got caught in the paint. If it’s not easily brushed off (or buffed away, compliments of the shop), you deserve a re-do.
Painting is no easy task, but that’s what you’re going to the experts for. It’s not enough to get a close match on the color and finish; you need a flawless end result as well.
Surprisingly, black is one of the most difficult paints to match because there are countless colors within this hue. It’s also likely that your current paint job is at least somewhat faded and dull from the sun (which means truly matching it will really make the painted area stand out!). It may be wiser to paint an entire panel, rather than a small spot, in order to better blend the blacks.
If you want to avoid paint regret altogether, do your research before choosing a body shop. Before-and-after photos, state-of-the-art technology and positive reviews will steer you in the right direction.
If you need all or part of your car painted, come see the professionals at Dent Master. We’re the experts in top-of-the-line auto painting jobs.

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