Auto Detailing in the Salt Lake City Area

Auto Detailing

Many drivers regard auto detailing as something you do the day before you plan to sell your car, but not a minute before. In truth, having your car detailed inside and out on a regular basis will not only keep your vehicle looking great, but can help it hold its value. In cold weather, it’s difficult to properly wash your car. Read on for some general information about interior and exterior detailing and why it is especially important in northern Utah.
Effects of Northern Utah’s Climate and Road Conditions on Your Car
The weather conditions of northern Utah can be brutal on your vehicle’s interior as well as its exterior. Weather extremes from summer heat to winter ice wreak havoc on your car’s paint. Snow, rain, sand and mud are tracked inside the car, caking into the carpet and upholstery. Dirt, debris and chemicals break down your car’s paint, causing it to become dull and scratched. Interior dirt and staining act similarly on soft surfaces, causing discoloration and stains. The only sure way to keep the climate from shortening your vehicle’s life is the thorough level of care provided by auto detailing.
Interior Auto Detailing
Interior detailing cleans all those nooks and crannies that you can never reach. Carpet and seating surfaces are shampooed and, if your seats are leather, they will be conditioned. Plastic, wood and vinyl surfaces are cleaned and protectant is applied. Interior glass is washed and vents are dusted. Ask to have trunk detailing included in your service also, as this will help preserve the carpet and plastic surfaces there as well.
Exterior Auto Detailing
Exterior detailing is the key to keeping your vehicle sharp-looking and shiny. Dull, oxidized paint can often be restored to like-new condition. Wet sanding and buffing techniques remove scratches and, with a little touch-up, your finish can look brand new at a fraction of the cost of a whole paint job. Other exterior services may include cleaning the wheel wells and undercarriage and application of protectant products.
Exterior plastic trim is cleaned and chrome parts are polished. This is a great time to request headlight restoration and sealing as well. Although this will incur an extra charge, this service greatly improves road visibility and safety. Finally, add engine-compartment cleaning to your service. This is one of the most important aspects of keeping your car’s value at the top of its range.
In northern Utah, Dent Master of Salt Lake City specializes in interior and exterior detailing that goes above and beyond the competition. Their exceptional results and fair prices will make you a believer in regular auto-detailing services.

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