Auto Body Shops Have to be Trustworthy

Auto Body Shop

What do you expect from an auto body shop — and what should be a given?
It’s tough, because most people who need a body shop are shaken up from an accident (or finding out their car unexpectedly has serious damage).
You want your car back, looking brand new, as quickly as possible. You also want to be treated fairly, especially if you’re paying out of pocket for services. Auto body shop customers can be prone to making rash decisions and not doing their due diligence. That’s a huge mistake.
Not all body shops are created equally, but a reputable shop should always have transparency and willingness to talk you through options. If a shop only uses confusing jargon, isn’t communicative and doesn’t show basic customer service etiquette, you don’t want them taking responsibility for your ride. Who knows what type of quality you’ll end up with?
Here’s your must-have list when researching auto body shops. Don’t compromise on any of them:

  • Upfront pricing: The shop might not be able to tell you exactly what the price will be when you drop off your car, but they should give you an estimate with a range. Once they actually get to work, if they find more or less damage than they initially thought, the shop should call you to give you a new price, so you’re never surprised by the final bill.
  • Full cleanup: When you pick up your car, no matter what type of body work was being done, it should look clean and cared for. A basic detailing should be a staple of any auto body shop. If you’re spending on auto body repairs, the shop should want to show off how good your car’s frame looks now.
  • A reasonable turnaround: Your car shouldn’t be in the shop for months (or even weeks). Sometimes it can be challenging to get a part, especially if you have a collector’s edition. Again, communication is key. You should be given a time frame of when the job will be done, and if there’s a problem it should be communicated quickly.
  • Loaner car options: A quality shop won’t leave you stranded. If your insurance doesn’t provide a rental car, your body shop should work with you for options. The best ones have a few loaner cars in their fleet so you can make do while your own ride is getting serviced.

Choosing a body shop should be a bit like choosing a medical specialist. You don’t want to see them too regularly (hopefully!) but when you do, you want to be in good hands. Contact DentMaster for all your auto body needs.

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