Can Auto Body Shops Prevent Diminished Value Cases?

Diminished Value Case

A great auto body shop can work miracles, but they can’t fully prevent a diminished value case (DVC). A DVC is a term your insurance company knows all too well, but might not be very forthcoming about.
Here’s how it works: Let’s say you just bought a brand new sedan. You’ve only put 50 miles on it when you suddenly get in a fender bender. Neither car in the crash is anywhere close to totaled, but that’s a pretty ugly ding that you have, and it calls for a skillful repair.
To you and everyone else, the car looks as good as new afterward. However, a savvy auto body shop will be able to tell that you’ve had repairs done. If you file an insurance claim, that goes on your record (and your car’s). Even though it seems brand new, it has a diminished value because it’s been in a collision.
If you don’t file an insurance claim, it’s technically still a DVC (it’s just that nobody will know about it).
DVCs When Selling Your Car
When it comes to you enjoying your car, a DVC doesn’t matter. However, it can make a big difference when it comes time to sell your car. Nobody wants to pay the same price for a DVC versus a non-DVC car.
Plus, if you file an insurance claim, there’s no wiggle room for dishonesty. Your car’s VIN history will do all the talking for you. Still, the quality of your repair shop matters a lot.
Buyers are still suckers for a gorgeous ride. A car that looks flawless with a shiny paint job and not a chip in sight is going to sell for a higher price than the same car with a slightly less-than-perfect paint job. This is especially true of collector, vintage and luxury cars. Your auto body repair shop can be your wingman when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck.
Body Shop First, For Sale Ads Second
Of course you want your ride to look pristine as soon after a collision as possible. However, the next best time to see an auto body pro is when you’re getting ready to sell. All those rock chips and door dings can often be worked out with paintless dent removal for a reasonable cost. A solid detailing can also increase your car’s perceived value.
You may be able to do little about a DVC case that went through an insurance claim. However, there’s plenty you and your auto body shop can do to get a higher asking price for your car.
Depend on DentMaster to make your car look like it just rolled off the truck, and know that your local auto body shop leaders won’t steer you wrong.

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