Auto Body Shop Most Common Repairs

Common Auto Body Repairs

Technicians at auto body shops have seen it all and repaired it all. Still, some repairs are more common than others and can vary based on your region.
A rear-end collision is one of the most common types of accidents, often brought on by frazzled drivers who aren’t paying close enough attention. These types of accidents are especially common in rainy or snowy regions where slippery roads are a factor and drivers can misjudge how much time they have to stop.
These repairs are often covered by insurance, so getting vehicles back in tip-top shape is both critical and affordable.
Unsurprisingly, another common repair is a front-end collision. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and most of the time you can’t have a rear-end collision without a front-end one as well.
It happens for the same reasons, but some drivers choose to avoid deductibles and they pay out of pocket when the fault is on them. If a car isn’t totaled in this type of collision, it technically can be legally drivable (even though you might have a diminished value claim on your hands).
Most Popular Faux Pas
Storm damage is another common reason vehicles end up in auto body shops, since Mother Nature is fickle and can sometimes throw tantrums. This type of damage is found in every region, from tornado damage in Oklahoma to hailstones in Utah or lava damage in Hawaii.
Avoiding the wrath of a storm can be difficult sometimes, but using garages when possible and not driving in bad weather can help keep you out of auto body shops.
Sadly, vandalism also drives vehicle owners to auto body shops en masse. Whether you have an enemy out to get you or you’re the victim of a random crime, everything from deep scratches to spray paint and slashed tires requires the touch of an auto body shop.
Hopefully this doesn’t happen to you, but if it does, rest easy knowing a reputable auto body technician will whip your vehicle back into shape.
Repair Woes
A cracked windshield can have you carefully peering through the clear section of your glass and directly into an auto body shop.
In some cases, chips and small cracks can be repaired with a mobile windshield unit. Bigger cracks and broken glass require full replacement. Windshield damage can be the result of sudden blunt force (like a stone getting kicked up on the highway), or can come seemingly out of the blue from a small crack that’s been ignored.
Windshield damage is especially dangerous when it happens while driving, and even more so at high speeds.
Finally, mystery dings and dents finish this list. Whether your car had a run-in with a shopping cart while you weren’t around or someone at the gym banged their car door into yours, these dents can drive you crazy. Depend on Dent Master, the local auto body shop experts, to have your ride looking and driving like new.