Removing Bugs, Tar and Road Grime from Your Car

Removing Road Grime

Removing bugs, tar and road grime from your car is a challenge. These substances can cause safety issues and permanent damage to your car, but they are impossible to avoid. Acting quickly remove them is the key to success, but using the right products will also greatly improve your chances. If the problem is extreme, has been left to bake on in the sun or if you simply want the benefit of expert attention, professional detailing is both affordable and highly effective for restoring your car’s finish.
How Bugs, Sap and Tar can Damage Your Vehicle
Face it, bugs stuck all over your hood and smeared across your windshield look awful. Your visibility is affected, but your windshield wipers just spread the problem around. Stuck to your headlights, insects and road grime can severely limit the illuminating ability of your headlights. Besides that, insects contain acidic or enzymatic biological components that can etch your paint down to the metal. Tar, sap and bird droppings are equally dangerous to your vehicle’s finish. With spring approaching, northern Utah becomes host to a variety of flying road hazards and messy trees. Since you can’t avoid these annoying problems, taking the right action, right away, will help minimize damage.
Time Is of the Essence
As insects decompose on your car, chemical breakdown can wreak havoc on its finish. Bugs, sap and tar coupled with the already-damaging nature of the sun’s rays cause the buildup to actually meld into the metal surface. The longer you wait, the worse the damage. It’s also much easier to remove these foreign substances when they’re fresh, so to speak. Many body shops recommend that drivers keep a small DIY detailing kit in the car, and use it to remove accumulated grime at the end of each day or when you reach your destination. This can be accomplished quickly and easily, as long as you haven’t allowed it to build up.
Tools and Products for Insect and Grime Removal
Some experts swear by fabric softener dryer sheets for small areas or limited spots. WD40 is effective when applied with a soft cloth; however, this can cause permanent damage to automotive paint, so try it first in a small, inconspicuous area. Specialty “bug sponges,” which you may recognize from the old gas station cleaning solution bins, are also effective. Take care when using any product or material on your paint, however, to avoid scratching or breaking down the clear coat. Several specialty products are available online or from the auto parts store for bug, tar and sap removal. These typically will remove your paint protectant also, so be sure to check with your professional detailer for advice on restoring that layer of protection. In fact, a full detailing service offers the safest and most effective means for removing tar, bugs and road grime, rather than taking the risk of doing the work yourself.
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